Grundtvig and personalism

To the danish philosopher Grundtvig the "common good" was "the unshakeable constitution of all constitutions”.

The Common Good

Read, watch and buy the reclaimed book, "The Common Good. An Introduction to Personalism" by Jonas Norgaard Mortensen.

Personalists in focus: Martin Luther King

"Personalism is my foundational philosophical position". Read more about Kings dreams of dignity and civil rights of a personalist acitvist.


New international anthology of personalism

18.11.2017  |  

The English publisher Vernon Press has just released a ... Read more.

New book: In the Sphere of the Personal

13.09.2016  |  

In the Sphere of the Personal: New Perspectives in the ... Read more.

International Conference on Persons

04.03.2015  |  

Call for papers to the 13th International Conference on... Read more.

Buy "The common good"


1500 people saw personalistic theater concert

In January 2014 a Danish school dedicated two weeks to the creation of a personalistic theater concert. Everything from the music to the lyrics, scenography and dramaturgy was an artistic and consistent expression of personalism.

Students read and studied the book "The Common Good - An Introduction to Personalism", and based on their studies and discussions on personalism, they created the theater concert named "We Have a Dream". Read more

Martin Buber and personalism

Martin Buber is the best known representative of the dialogical personalism. His principal work is the book Ich und Du, (You and I), which he wrote in 1923.

Buber’s anthropology builds upon the premise that humans are always faced with other persons that they can approach in an I-It mode or and I-Thou mode. Read more

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