New international anthology of personalism

18.11.2017  |  Af Filip Hove Kristensen

The English publisher Vernon Press has just released a new anthology about personalism: "Looking at the Sun. New Writings in Modern Personalism".... Read more.

New book: In the Sphere of the Personal

13.09.2016  |  Af Filip Hove Kristensen

In the Sphere of the Personal: New Perspectives in the Philosophy of Persons by Rolf Ahlers, James Beauregard, Brian J Buckley, Juan Manuel Burgos, Moeller Carol, Robert F. Devall Jr., Robert G. Feidler, Myron M. Jackson, Jeffrey M. Jackson, Denis Larrivee, Mackenzie Lefoste... Read more.

International Conference on Persons

04.03.2015  |  

Call for papers to the 13th International Conference on Persons. August 3rd to August 7th 2015 at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA.... Read more.

British Personalism in Oxford

04.10.2014  |  Af Filip Hove Kristensen

"The British Personalist Forum" has invited to an exciting personalistic conference at Oriel College, Oxford, March 18th-19th, 2015. The conference will focus on "British Contributions to Personalist Philosophy".... Read more.

Personalist Summercamp

27.09.2014  |  Af Jonas Norgaard Mortensen

The tenth biennial personalist summercamp in the US walked in the footsteps of M. L. King and Bonhoeffer. The summer seminar gathered American personalists at Western Carolina University in the Great Smoky Mountain of North Carolina, USA.... Read more.

International Conference on Persons

17.09.2014  |  Af Filip Hove Kristensen

Every other year since 1989 the ”International Conference on Personalism” (ICP) has brought together leading researchers in the field of personalism. The 12th ICP was held in Sweden.... Read more.

1500 saw personalistic theater concert

07.09.2014  |  Af Filip Hove Kristensen

Can personalism be put into text, music and drama? A boarding school in Denmark took up the challenge and created an amazing personalistic performance: A personalistic theater concert ... Read more.

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