Universities and forums

Universities oriented towards personalism

Acton Institute, USA
Website: www.acton.org

Boston University, USA
Website: www.bu.edu
American personalism started at Boston University with special Borden Parker Bowne (1847-1910), who had studied under R. Lotze in Germany and published the book Personalism in 1908. Martin Luther King studied at Boston University and took personalism to the core of his life. 

Southern Illinois University, USA
Website: www.siuc.edu
People: Randy E. Auxier is an active and leading personalist for both the American school as well as the International Conference on Persons.

University of Southern California
Website: www.usc.edu
Ralph Tyler Flewelling (1871-1960) worked here and along with the journal The Personalist  made the university a bastion of personalism.

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
Bogumil Gacka (1955- ) is a professor at the university, has released a wide range of publishing on personalism and is a key leader of the personalist tradition in Poland.
Website: www.uksw.edu.pl

Charles University, Prague
Website: www.cuni.czl

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Website: www.kuleuven.ac.be
Louis Janssens was a professor here. The university has focused on biomedical ethics based on personalism.

Catholic University of Lublin
Website: www.kul.pl/2131.html
Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) was a professor at the university and develop a strong personalistic- school, which is still leading.

The university organizes each year The Lublin Days of Personalism, see http://hosting0800050.az.pl/personalizm/?p=797

Personalistic centers or forums

Cura, Danmark
The network-based think tank Cura is behind the website Personalisme.dk, Personalism.com and e-magazine CuraMag, see curamag.dk.
Website: http://www.cura.dk

Prospettiva Persona, Italien
Website: www.prospettivapersona.it

The Personalist Discussion Group, USA
Group under the "American Philosophical Association" (established 1900). This group organizes a biennial summer conference in the United States, organized by James McLachlan from Western Carolina University.

Society of Thomistic Personalism

A community under American Catholic Philosophical Association, who meets annually and publishes the e-magazine Journal of Thomistic Pesonalism
Website: http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/rmlemmons/STP-home.htm

AAEM - Association des Amis d'Emmanuel Mounier
, Chatenay Malabry (Paris)
Website: www.emmanuel-mounier.net

Istituto internazionale "J. Maritain" di Roma

Established in 1974. 
Website: www.maritain.org 

The Personalist Project

Personalistic page, specific to profess Karol Wojtyla. (Established 2007)
Mention include Kierkegaard.
Website: http://www.thepersonalistproject.org/about_us

International Conference on Persons

Conference every two years. Founded by the American personalistic Thomas O. Buford. Latest and 12th conference was held in Lund in 2013, see www.lundicp2013.com

Asociatiòn Espanola de Personalismo

The think tank led by Juan Manuel Burgos, who in 2012 published Introducción al personalismo and has become a leading figure in the Spanish-speaking school for personalism.  
Website: www.personalismo.org

The British Personalist Forum

Forum, which in 2013 changed its name from The Society from Post-Critical and Personalist Studies, publishes the journal Appraisel.
Website: www.spcps.org.uk/index.html

, Sverige
The Swedish Institute Civitas is an association that deals with personalism, natural law and many of the derived principles.
Website: http://civitas.net/



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