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Reviews and Quotes

Here is a number of reviews and quotes from around the world.

The Common Good captures personalism’s core insight, interpersonal relations as the key to understanding God, Persons, and the world. This presentation of personalism is the first, as far as I know, to present personalism to a general audience. From that perspective, The Common Good, accomplishes an important goal: Personalism is central to daily grappling with our common lives together. Pulled to something greater than ourselves, we must embrace personalism with unrelenting passion.”

- Thomas O. Buford, professor, Furman University, North Carolina, USA


”I very much enjoyed reading The Common Good. The book does an excellent job of conveying what personalism is about that certainly will be understandable to a general reader, as well as of interest to personalist academics.”

- James Beauregard, Rivier University, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA


”Jonas Norgaard has done a great job by exposing the personalist thought brilliantly adapted to the mentality and interests of the 21st century. Combining his skills as a communicator with precision in presenting the authors, he has been able to present the main anthropological and social keys of personalism in a format close to all readers.”

- Juan Manuel Burgos, professor, San Pablo University, Spain


”I found it a very enjoyable and interesting read – a grand piece of work that does the job of presenting what is, in many ways, quite a straightforward and pragmatic philosophy to a wider audience which definitely deserves to know much more about the subject.

By bringing this vital and exciting tradition to public attention, this book presents a crucial challenge to the philosophical, political, and cultural status quo. It does so, moreover, in a remarkably engaging and readable way. It may also prove to be a great contribution to the development of a popular public philosophical discourse.”

- Simon Smith, Independent Scholar, Haslemere, Surrey, UK


”In his book Norgaard Mortensen gives a convincing introduction to this current of thought, and takes a step forward in revealing it´s importance in the public sector. Prof. Mortensen’s current work is an accurate and non-technical account of the main characteristics present in the life and work of many important authors that have put the human person in the forefront of their intellectual reflection and praxis.”

- Jorge Olaechea Catter, director, Vida Y Espiritualiddad, Lima, Peru


”Jonas Norgaard Mortensen’s work will undoubtedly satisfy the expectations of a number of readers who were left disappointed by specialist theses, available to a narrow range of experts. The publication is attractive because it can serve as a reference book, enabling people to acquaint themselves with the basic assumptions of the personalistic philosophy and its application in the creation of common good.”

- Krzysztof Guzowski, professor, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), Lublin, Poland.


”This is a very good book and Jonas has done us all a great service in writing it.”

- Randall Auxier, professor, Southern Illinois University, editor of the journal The Personalist Forum (renamed The Pluralist in 2005), USA


”I am both shocked and moved to find that personalism, the existence of which I was unaware of until now, seems to be the common thread that runs through all of my passionate commitments, present and past, as far back as I can remember. The book hits the exact spot where my heart beats, my tears flow, and my courage to work for change is rekindled.“

- Karen Lumholt, journalist, author and director of think tank Cura, Denmark


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