Personalistic journals

Esprit, 1932-

The Philosophical Forum, USA
Journal, published annually by Boston University's Graduate Philosophy Club. (No longer exist.)

The Personalist: A Quarterly Journal of Philosophy, Theology, and Literature, USA, 1920-79

The Personalist Forum, USA, 1985-2006
The journal was based on the personalist tradition of Boston, the name was a mixture of two former journals, "The Personalist" og "The Philosophical Forum", but also intended dissemination of and debate on other understandings of personalism, like eg. Max Scheler og Thomas Masaryk, Emmanuel Mounier og Karol Wojtyla, Nakamura Hajime and Watsuji Tetsuro.

Purpose: "Our purpose is to present, in an age of increasing depersonalization of our world and our thought, a philosophical option committed to the irreducibility of personal being and categories, the reality of problems facing persons, and the intelligibility of the language of persons."

Changed name in 2006 to "The Pluralist".

The Pluralist, USA, 2006-
The former The Personalist Forum.

Personalism, Polen, 2001-
Biannual. red. Bogumil Gacka and Czesław Stanisław Bartnik.


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