About the Author

Jonas Norgaard Mortensen is an active opinion former and speaker in Danish civil society. He has been head of communications at the Danish Youth Council, secretary general of the Christian Democratic party, and has lived and worked in the Middle East during the Arab Spring, where he served as Regional Director, leading and developing projects concerned with dialogue, democracy, and development in Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria.

He has also been chief of communication in the Christian Trade Union Movement in Denmark besides running his own lecture and consulting business.

He is now working on the anthology Personalism in practice in which a number of prominent leaders in the Danish society unfold personalism within their different fields of knowledge and work.

Jonas Norgaard Mortensen was born in 1976; he holds degrees in political science, literature, and leadership; he is married to Hanne Skovgaard and father to Johan, Selma and Oline.

Contact: Jonas Norgaard Mortensen, mail jonas@nol.dk, mobile phone +45 61 78 86 16.


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