The ICP is sharing of knowledge and building of friendships. Here Bogumil Gacka from Polen and Jonas Norgaard Mortensen from Denmark.

International Conference on Persons

17.09.2014  |  Af  Filip Hove Kristensen

Every other year since 1989 the ”International Conference on Personalism” (ICP) has brought together leading researchers in the field of personalism. The 12th ICP was held in Sweden.

In August 2013 the town of Lund in Sweden was buzzing with presentations and debates about personhood, human dignity, relationships and commitment.

About 60 leading personalists had arrived to the the historic university city Lund i Sweden to attend the 12th International Conference on Persons.

The conference was organized by Jan Olof Bengtsson from Sweden. Jan Olof has been part of the ICP since 2001 and published his book "The Worldview of Personalism: Origins and Early Development" in 2006.

The Conference Program
- Abstracts of the papers presented on the conference
- The conference website

The next ICP will be held in Boston in the beginning of august 2015. For more information please contact Jan Olof Bengtsson (email: or Randall E. Auxier (email:



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