The conference on british personalism will be held at the beautiful Oriel College, Oxford

British Personalism in Oxford

04.10.2014  |  Af  Filip Hove Kristensen

"The British Personalist Forum" has invited to an exciting personalistic conference at Oriel College, Oxford, March 18th-19th, 2015. The conference will focus on "British Contributions to Personalist Philosophy".

Although hardly any British philosophers have been called 'personalists', a substantial number have made significant contributions to genuine thinking about persons. Many have focused upon personal existence and the freedom, responsibility and dignity of the individual person who is also a person in relation to other persons.

At this Conference the The British Personalist Forum, with support from the British Society for the History of Philosophy, aims to bring them and their contributions to wider notice and to show their abiding significance.

Papers should have a duration of 40 mins or 20 mins or both. Complete papers or abstract (500 wds) should be sent asap or by Oct. 20st to:

For details on the conference please go to



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