The Western Carolina University surrounded by stunning nature of the Great Smoky Mountain.

Personalist Summercamp

27.09.2014  |  Af  Jonas Norgaard Mortensen

The tenth biennial personalist summercamp in the US walked in the footsteps of M. L. King and Bonhoeffer. The summer seminar gathered American personalists at Western Carolina University in the Great Smoky Mountain of North Carolina, USA.

The American personalist meets every second year for a personalistic summer seminar. The seminar is set off by the "International Conference on Persons" (ICP), which is also held every second year.

This year's personalistic summer seminar was the tenth to be held, and focused on the personalism of Martin Luther King Jr. King and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

On the first day the group was introduced to Bonhoeffer and King and the background of their thought. These discussions were led by Jennifer McBride, Regents Chair of Ethics at Wartburg College, and Greg Moses, Texas State University. The remaining days each participant was responsible for a specific text and/or aspect, or presented a paper on Bonhoeffer’s and King’s lives, thinking and acting.

The seminar was arranged by Dr. James M. McLachlan and was held on the campus of Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

For details on the program click here


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