The scenery of the personalistic theater concert was created together with the artist Karsten Auerbach.

1500 saw personalistic theater concert

07.09.2014  |  Af  Filip Hove Kristensen

Can personalism be put into text, music and drama? A boarding school in Denmark took up the challenge and created an amazing personalistic performance: A personalistic theater concert

The boarding school "Skovbo" in Denmark is deeply inspired by the personalistic thoughts on human dignity, relationships and engagement. Personalism has inspired the work of the school board, the school management and the student life and learning.

In January 2014 the school dedicated two weeks to the creation of a personalistic theater concert where everything from the music to the lyrics, scenography and dramaturgy was an artistic and whole expression of personalism.

Students read and studied the book "The Common Good. An Introduction to Personalism", and based on the studies and discussions on personalism the pupils and teachers created the theater concert named "We Have a Dream".

The title of the personalistic theater is inspired by the personalist Martin Luther King.

The author of the book "The Common Good. An Introduction to Personalism" saw the theater. "I was completely and utterly thrilled and captivated by your theater concert; touched and grateful all the way into my heart. To see personalism interpreted in a manner so fine, sensible and understandable, so wonderful and artistic by young people was one of my life's great experiences. Nothing less! They lived out exactly the relationships, the engagement and dignity that personalism is all about," says Jonas Norgaard Mortensen.

See a short video from the theater where the school´s leader Jan Dufke explains the ethos of the performance (in Danish).


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